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European Tour: Nilsson Energy, Sweden

After nearly 3 years, i finally found myself back in Sweden to see my partners in Nilsson Energy, where it all began. Not only had they moved into the Hydrogen Dome for their head office, but are now a staff of 20 people, and continuing to grow.

Hans-Olof, Martina and Pontus have dedicated so much of their life to this Stand-Alone microgrid power solution product, which they designate RE8760 (for Ren

ewable Energy 8760 hours in the year). It was great to see it really coming to life through a growing team of incredibly smart and motivated employees. Working with them is an absolute pleasure, and i'm incredibly excited to be able to see one of their products land in Australia at the end of this year, for the H2FA project (

We are all still in the first chapter, with the RE8760 beginning to get a serious footprint, but also the REh2 hitting the market soon, which is a fully funded project to install electrolysers and hydrogen filling stations in 24 locations across Sweden. So great to see, and such fun to be a part of it.

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