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Multi-MW Electrolysis

Multi-MW Electrolysis ....... Hard to talk about large scale hydrogen production, without raising typical questions about the reality of the projects going ahead, a lack of global experience in building and running MW electrolysis plants, and no established market for green hydrogen. Yet development for multi-MW electrolysis technology has continued (thankfully), as we are now seeing more and more hydrogen-based energy solutions coming to market. Critical, as to meet our environmental and fuel security challenges we have to be taking bold steps.

Green Hydrogen Systems (GHS) established in 2007 to develop a pressurised alkaline electrolysis solution that would suit the then coming renewables market. They developed a commercial 0.9MW solution to be modular and fully contained, where pressurisation removed traditional weaknesses of alkaline technology (ramping & dynamic range) and delivered pure hydrogen at around 30bar with all the other well-regarded benefits of alkaline systems. This suited the small-scale nature of decentralised production and various first hydrogen applications. However a few weeks ago, in Denmark, I was able to see GHS’s next product; a prototype of a 6MW enclosed electrolyser solution which has been developed to support global multi-MW needs. It was heading off the following week to be installed at GreenLab in Skive for further on-site testing, before being released for sale at the end of this year. In traditional GHS style, the solution is fully enclosed, and designed to be built together to whatever MW solution is required. Like all their pressurised alkaline solutions, it ramps very quickly and has a large dynamic range.

We have to give respect to the many trailblazing companies who are taking the risks and developing the technology to meet a demand that is not yet visible. Well done to Green Hydrogen Systems in their success of getting this product up and running.


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