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European Tour; Green Hydrogen Systems, Denmark

While travelling to meet my various technology partners I was really interested to note where we are today in using electrolytic hydrogen. End 2020 saw this Green Hydrogen Systems HRS built, to supply fuel cell buses in Aalborg, Denmark. It has produced 16,000kgs of hydrogen last year (and ongoing), making it one of the busier applications around, and demonstrating that hydrogen does work at scale.

As Europe moves from pilot to commercial projects, electrolyser production is also rapidly increasing; Green Hydrogen Systems began construction on their 400MW facility not long after they finished their 75MW facility, such is the speed of growth and demand. It is hard to appreciate the challenges my partners and the industry are facing as a whole; not just in supply chain, but in scaling up while going through continuous product development to rapidly address our global emissions needs.

Green Hydrogen Systems and the partnership I could form with them in August 2019 was really where Skai Energies truly got traction; getting the chance to work with them right back them, allowed Skai Energies to take shape as a business and build on the early relationship with Nilsson Energy. Seeing Niels-Arne again, brought some very happy memories, and it was motivating to see the outcomes of the work he started, and is now being continued by a team of more than 250 people. What they are building is huge, but also shows the confidence from investors and the market in general, towards the future of hydrogen. Their facility is built to ensure easy communication between the various functions and they are all working hard to absorb the rapid growth, while providing solutions to the ever increasing need for hydrogen.

As seen, the factory is nearing completion. I can't wait to get back in the next 6-12 months and see it in operation.

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