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Hydrogen Fuels Australia (H2FA)


Hydrogen Refuelling Network

Hydrogen to displace diesel for heavy vehicle mobility is entering a phase of true commerciality, with vehicles due to come available in 2023.  H2FA is preparing for this market shift through the development of a network of Hydrogen Refuelling Stations (HRSs), with it's landmark site being developed for completion in Truganina, Victoria in early 2023.

During concept development, a great amount of time was put into the full use of all available site resources, to provide a model for replication at future sites, provide a place of research and learning for the community, and to maximise the revenue potential of the site ensuring it could thrive in the emerging industry.  The site location in itself provided a large catchment of potential customers, being in one of the largest warehousing districts in Australia.  It's physical size, geographical location and existing infrastructure allowed significant opportunities to further demonstrate the full circle of efficient resource use.

The site is approximately 12 acres in size, with an historical 900m2 WW2 building in existence.  An overall plan was developed to use each quarter of the site to meet the goals as stated:

  • Provide onsite solar to power the site and generate hydrogen for stage 1 of its refuelling station.

  • Provide a fully modular power and production plant.

  • Provide a full forecourt for filling operations, that could support approximately 6,500kgs/day of hydrogen usage.

  • Provide an off-grid function centre to meet the needs of the local community.

Achieving all of those elements was only the beginning of using the site to full effectiveness. 

  • The 900m2 roof provides enough catchment of annual rainfalls, to meet the needs of the electrolysis plant on site.

  • The site provides opportunity to bring in members of the public, to show the full cycle of how hydrogen is made and used.

  • Agreements are in place to carry out research on the site using the land, heat and oxygen that are in abundance as a result of the overall processes.

  • Work is underway to further utilise traditional 'waste' streams, that will support replication at future sites, further improving efficiency and viability of the industry.

Growth of hydrogen production to meet industry needs will come from off-site generation, utilising proven capability from Green Hydrogen Systems electrolysers to make hydrogen which will be trucked into the site.  As further sites are established, H2FA will operate a network of filling operations to support Australia's transition from use of fossil fuels powering our heavy transport.

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