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Central West NSW Hydrogen


Close to many hearts is the issue of fossil fuels and fuel security.  Green Hydrogen (hydrogen made from renewable sources) is becoming a very important solution in bringing this security and removing fossil fuels from our energy mix; it’s becoming a global initiative, particularly in our current turbulent times of resource scarcity.  Hydrogen as an energy carrier can already effectively displace diesel fuel, explaining the rapid growth of hydrogen for mobility (particularly in heavy vehicles) about to begin in Australia.


Regional Australia is well placed to benefit from the emerging hydrogen industry and its associated benefits, through local generation and use of green hydrogen.  Taking advantage of this now, will literally drive the transformation of energy use and bring numerous benefits.  Communities within NSW Central West can form the foundation of this transformation, due in part to their key geographic location on critical resource routes, but also because of their important contribution to the production output of our country.   


Project Central-West has been established to address this opportunity for fuel transformation.  While early efforts will focus on establishment of hydrogen mobility solutions for the region to support a real-world hydrogen usage program, the project will encompass and support the following in entirety:

  • Hydrogen Refuelling solutions and opportunities,

  • Education in the region (Social and Professional), and

  • Hydrogen opportunities beyond mobility.

As the project develops, elements will build and adjust to adapt to the actual needs of the local community, with the goal of having hydrogen filling and fleet on the ground by the middle of 2024.

Stay tuned for more information, and click the links below to keep up to date with progress.

Project Partners

To bring this project to life, a growing range of subject experts will support the development.  Each organisation is critical to help us better understand how to bring real solutions based on actual needs.

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