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Containerised Electrolysers

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Hydrogen has been used industrially for many decades, traditionally from a method called Steam Methane Reforming (SMR).  However this consumes a large amount of natural gas and the need to transition from the use of fossil fuels to meet our resource and energy needs is seeing a real growth of hydrogen generation through electrolysis (the splitting of water into hydrogen & oxygen, using an electrical charge).  When generation occurs using a renewable energy source (eg. solar or wind) we have an even more preferable hydrogen resource (Green Hydrogen) that can be used across multiple facets of our society.

Electrolytic hydrogen provides a clean environment, however can also bring fuel security, decentralisation of 'fuel' production and real convenience for hydrogen users.  Containerising the equipment and plant then supports green hydrogen production right at the point of use, providing flexibility and convenience of both plant build and location.

Green Hydrogen Systems (GHS) have designed their electrolyser product into a container, to include all the balance of plant required to literally connect electricity and water (and nitrogen) into one end, and take hydrogen and oxygen out from the other.  It is an alkaline unit meaning it is based on well understood robust technology that can accept typical household tap water for its water feed source.  Being a pressurised unit, it is able to quickly respond to the dynamic loads of today's renewable generation, and importantly produce hydrogen at approximately 30bar of pressure.


Skai Energies can work with you to understand your hydrogen needs, build a plan for generation, and supply equipment and engineering support to get you operational.

Containerised electrolysers from GHS bring multiple benefits to a hydrogen solution in roll-out and flexibility:

  • Full balance of plant is contained within each container.

  • Highly efficient in set-up and use of power.

  • Variation in hydrogen production volumes; from as little as ~1.3 kg/hr constant to 100's kg/hr as may be required (when units are coupled together utilising GHS's proprietary software).

    • Full balance of plant requires 57kW to generate 1kg of Hydrogen.

  • Fully scalable to grow with your demand for hydrogen.

  • Fast ramp-rates making them suitable for renewable energy and their remote locations.

  • Long lifetimes, projected to be in excess of 100,000 hours with slow and consistent degradation.

  • Fully tested in-factory, providing certainty of operability once installed at your site. 

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