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Project Development

Any project requires dedicated resources to see it completed on time and budget.  With hydrogen technology being so new, full understanding of Australian Standards and Regulations and how to apply them can be difficult, leading to an importance of having the right skill sets to develop the project.

Skai Energies first project is currently under construction (Hydrogen Fuels Australia refuelling station  Bringing this project together has required a great deal of creativity and planning to ensure a commercial outcome, but also critical resource support to ensure the right people are providing the right assistance to complete the project as envisioned.

At Skai, we work with some of the best people in industry to supply necessary equipment, design safe and effective plant, and gain all the required approvals to see the project through to completion.  We work with you to provide full transparency on project status through the life of the implementation, bringing in all necessary resources to complement your business needs.

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