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European Tour; Idro Meccanica, Italy

The last stop on my trip; visiting Giordano Gozzi in Modena at the Idro Meccanica compressor manufacturer that is being used for the HRS being built in Melbourne by H2FA, at the end of this year.

Giordano's father started the business in the 1960's, they made their first hydrogen compressor in 1996, and have recently formed important alliances with large adjacent technology developers in Italy, as well as critical support in Australia from Atlas Copco. As I have learnt through my trip, Modena has an incredibly strong and respected history of manufacturing and design, the least of which is Ferrari.

Was was interesting to me was how their equipment continues to need to development as the market around them does. The compressor coming to Australia has a maximum compression capability to 385bar; the product was designed at a time when 350bar was the typical maximum storage pressure, so 385 was enough. With pressure vessels from the likes of Umoe now going to 450bar and beyond, they have had to develop new product that could match this pressure rating. The energy efficiency to do this is surprisingly little.

Impressive pedigree and profile. They are continually developing solutions for the market (such as mobile refuelling rigs) as it expands and grows, and in conjunction with their Group companies, I can imagine a very bright future for them. Appreciated the time from Giordano, to show me around.

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