Energy consumption is ever increasing, causing a broad range of economic and environmental challenges.  The solution to this is literally clear, and at the heart of Skai Energies mission.

Using state of the art and environmentally responsible technologies, we are decarbonising energy, and ensuring a better planet for future generations.



Skai Energies is part of an international group of companies, formed with the core purpose of changing how we create, store and use energy.  We believe it's time to start using the technology we have available and our determination, to change how we use energy and reduce the waste we are putting into our environment.

It began in 2018, when we found ourselves in Gothenburg Sweden marvelling at a breakthrough made by a Swedish inventor named Hans-Olof Nilsson.  He had combined the latest in Solar Panel, Electrolyser, Hydrogen storage and Fuel Cell technology to disconnect himself from the electricity grid; Sweden is not sun drenched, making this feat all the more impressive.  It became clear that we needed to work with this team to bring this technology south.

In early 2019 during a Nilsson Energy visit to Australia we formed Skai Energies, and began the journey to work with like-minded people to de-carbonise Australia.  Since, we have also formed a partnership with Green Hydrogen Systems, a Danish organisation who are at the forefront of pressurised alkaline electrolyser design and hydrogen solutions.

Australia's traditional owners truly understood the importance of looking after our land; using our abundance of sun we believe it is time for us all to do a better job.





Nilsson Energy use solar and/or wind power, add water and create off-grid, on-site and emission free plug-and-play energy solutions via electrolysis, battery storage and long-term storage in hydrogen. When additional energy is needed the stored hydrogen is converted to electricity and via fuel-cell technology. RE8760 can use any water supply available and can bring water to site creating closed system solutions should this be required. A RE8760 system also produces oxygen when splitting H20 into H2 and O2 creating yet a valuable resource for its customer.



Since 2007, Green Hydrogen Systems has provided complete and modular alkaline electrolysers, based on extensive R&D efforts in a close cooperation with leading technology partners and universities.

They strongly believe in the huge potential electrolysers have as a key technology in an energy supply system based on green, renewable energy.




With the launch of Hydrogen Fuels Australia (, Skai Energies is supporting what will become the 2nd completely off-grid hydrogen refuelling station in the world.  Strategically located in Truganina, Victoria (one of the fastest growing industrial warehouse districts in Australia) it will provide hydrogen to FCEVs, and a variety of other site activities, all supported by a Nilsson Energy RE8760 providing renewable power and gas all year around.

Volt Farmer Climate Smart Farm Tech.jpg


80kms South East of the Melbourne CBD, is a parcel of land that has been leased by Volt Farmer, dedicated to demonstrating techniques of carbon farming and land regeneration, sustainable agriculture, and renewable energy production.

To complete the full-cycle benefit of the project, a 290kW electrolyser, storage and fuel cell solution is to be added to the site.  This system solution will utilise the solar energy to generate enough hydrogen, to allow the 4 vertical farms to be powered 24/7/365, without needing to access grid energy.



Melbourne, Victoria

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