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Skai Energies is part of an international group of companies, formed with the core purpose of changing how we create, store and use energy.  We believe it's time to start using the technology we have along with our determination, to change how we consume energy and reduce the waste we are putting into our environment.


It all began in 2018 while in Gothenburg Sweden, marvelling at a breakthrough made by a Swedish inventor named Hans-Olof Nilsson.  He had combined the latest in Solar Panel, Electrolyser, Hydrogen storage and Fuel Cell technology to disconnect himself from the electricity grid; Sweden is not sun drenched, making this feat all the more impressive.  It became clear that we needed to work with the Nilsson team to bring this technology south.


In early 2019 we formed Skai Energies to begin the journey in working with like-minded people to de-carbonise Australia.  Along with Nilsson Energy we have also entered into a partnership with Green Hydrogen Systems, a Danish group at the forefront of pressurised alkaline electrolyser design and hydrogen solutions.

Australia's traditional owners truly understood the importance of looking after our land; using our abundance of natural energy sources we believe it is time for us all to do a better job.

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Hydrogen is being proposed as a renewable energy solution to many sectors of industry, to support their transition from fossil fuel dependence.  As an energy storage 'vessel' it can provide large amounts and long duration of renewable energy storage in a compact volume, to provide an option that replaces traditional non-renewable energy media; particularly diesel.  


Australia consumes more than 80 million litres of diesel every day.  Displacing this diesel with hydrogen (which has traditionally been made by steam methane reforming) generated from renewable energy though the use of an electrolyser will have a massive impact on the pollution we are putting into our skies.  Whether an electrolyser is directly coupled to a renewable energy source for 100% green hydrogen or connected to the energy grid, the hydrogen made can replace diesel in both stationary and mobile applications.  On generation, the hydrogen needs to be compressed and stored, but can then be put back through a fuel cell to regenerate electrons as required.  Fuel cells can be used in vehicles for mobility (Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles - FCEV) or in a Stand-Alone Microgrid for stationary systems, to provide 100% renewable power 24/7/365.

Skai Energies works with you to transform your early level concepts into presentable & discussable projects.  Our expertise lies in bringing together Concept Designs to include plant & equipment required, how the plant would operate, and high-level financial models.  These documents can then support the concept in becoming a tangible project that can then be more deeply discussed and funded for engineering/environmental/commercial feasibility. 


From a point of project clarity, you can begin to make the energy transition from fossil fuels .  We will help by then supplying hardware that supports the viable business solution, and work with you to complete a plant build and installation.

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The hydrogen industry is in its infancy which provides vast opportunities for organisations to decarbonise their operations.  That said, like all early stage industries there are many challenges in bringing an opportunity to life in a practical and commercial manner.   Skai Energies meets these core challenges by leveraging operating knowledge from its partners in Europe, focussing on resource use to optimise the total solution, and bringing in necessary local expertise to provide for the unique needs of each partner.

As a result of the challenges in developing hydrogen solutions, Skai Energies works collaboratively with its partners, critical suppliers and all other stakeholders to ensure requirements are met in the most effective and efficient way possible. Utilising local resource where possible and bringing in best-in-class hardware and service providers, Skai is able to bring your project to life.

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Our Partners

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Green Hydrogen Systems designs and manufactures efficient, standardised and modular electrolysers for the production of green hydrogen with renewable energy.  Not only are they designed using mature electrolyser technology, but have been optimised through 15 years of research to be highly suitable for today's world of renewable energy.

Highly Efficient   :   Modular   :   Dynamic   :   Durable   :   High Output Pressure   :   Compact



Since 2015, the first 'living-lab' microgrid solution has been in operation in Gothenburg, Sweden.  Through the development of software to efficiently control elements required to create a hydrogen based stand-alone power system, the solution provides comfort for all 8760 days in a year.  It incorporates solar energy , electrolysis, compression & storage, and fuel cells to provide constant energy on demand, to provide world-leading microgrid technology that can displace diesel energy generation.



GRZ Technologies was founded in 2017 as a spin-off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne. The company’s pioneering technology is the result of several decades of research and development in the field of hydrogen, dating back to the early 1990’. GRZ’s core competence is metal hydrides, which are used to manufacture different dense and safe hydrogen solutions, such as hydrogen storage systems, hydrogen-based power-to-power systems, and thermal hydrogen compressors. The latest development is our methanation solution UPSOM – which enables the conversion of raw biogas to nearly 100% synthetic methane, thus almost doubling the output of ordinary biogas.

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