Hydrogen Generation & Storage

As Australia grows its hydrogen industry, the ability to produce and store hydrogen cost effectively becomes very important.  Highly efficient electrolysis and robust transportable storage solutions are important elements that support the whole hydrogen economy.

Electrolysers from partner Green Hydrogen Systems are fully containerised units that can situated anywhere that is required.  The pressurised alkaline devices have been designed to work efficiently with renewable energy generation or can be supported by the grid network.  Containerised solutions include full balance of plant or individual units can be installed on a factory floor.  Their proprietary software is utilised to control multiple units allowing full dynamic range, great serviceability and maximising the capacity of the equipment to support scaling of capacity as necessary.

Storage of hydrogen must also be space efficient, particularly in cases where transport is required.  Umoe Composites manufacture Type IV storage tanks that can be configured to store in excess of 900kg within a 40' shipping container.

Ultimately, electrolysers from Green Hydrogen Systems provide absolute control over hydrogen generation capacity, connecting from one to fifty stacks @ 430kW each, to generate from as little as 70kW.

Components feature:

  • Complete, modular kW to MW-scale electrolysis

  • Utilising 57kW/kg of hydrogen, for full balance of plant

  • Power up from standby in <5 seconds

  • Stack lifetime 100,000 hours, system +20 years

Storage efficiency from Umoe Composites will also provide high volumes of storage in a minimal footprint, to support the ongoing transition away from fossil fuels.

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