Hydrogen Generation

As Australia grows within the hydrogen industry, the ability to produce cost effective hydrogen suitable for use in industrial plants, mobility or export, is crucial. 

Utilising electrolysers from partner Green Hydrogen Systems, hydrogen can be created for any identified need.  The electrolysers can be either installed on a factory floor, or containerised for ultimate flexibility.  

Green Hydrogen Systems HyProManagerTM can also be utilised to control multiple units to suit all plant sizes, maximising the capacity of the equipment.

Electrolysers from Green Hydrogen Systems provide absolute control over hydrogen generation capacity, according to what levels of energy are being created. From 1 - 250 x 430kW units can be connected, and begin generation from as little as 70kW.

Components feature:

  • Complete, modular MW-scale electrolyser

  • Produce up to 8.1 kg H2/hour,  35 bar ready to use

  • Power up/down in <1 second

  • Stack lifetime 100,000 hours, system +20 years