Hydrogen Fuels Australia

From concept to execution, Hydrogen Fuels Australia (H2FA) have kept a real focus on the need to be adaptable to the growth and change of the mobility industry.  They were also intent on showcasing their Truganina (bordering Laverton) site as preview of what could be achieved, and growing elements that could be rolled out to further sites.  

As a result, H2FA's first site will be completely removed from the energy grid, in its creation of hydrogen for mobility, and running of site services such as dispenser power, general power, powering of the onsite cafe and a variety of other elements.  To achieve this, a Nilsson Energy RE8760 will be installed to control the various pieces of hardware, and support the site power needs.  This will be Nilsson's 2nd completely off-grid HRS (their first being a world-first in Mariestad Sweden), however with the additional elements of onsite business activity.  While that activity will start small as the hydrogen off-take remains small, activity will quickly launch to include ventures such as the cafe, research and development activity, agribusiness and eventually a large function centre.


Key to the ability to manage the evolution and growth of the site, is Nilsson Energy's modular Stand Alone Power system (the RE8760).  Being modular in nature, critical elements such as fuel cell power can be added as needed, to provide as much power as possible.  However, to begin with, the solution will primarily include the following:

  • Green Hydrogen Systems HyProvide A90; a pressurised alkaline electrolyser, capable of producing up to 8.1kg of hydrogen per hour.  This will run purely from renewable solar.

  • Plug Power fuel cell with a capacity of 125kW.

  • Storage of hydrogen up to 350bar, to be compressed from the electrolyser feed of 35bar.