Off-Grid disconnected power

For many remote businesses and communities, there are traditionally few choices when it comes to obtaining energy for daily living and industry needs.  Other than what solar might provide for peak periods, remote areas are left with what comes over a Single-Wire Earth Return (SWER) line from the grid, or gensets that burn diesel. 

Traditional batteries can store certain amounts of energy, but where large volumes of power and/or long periods of time of storage are required, hydrogen becomes a strong option.

The Nilsson Energy RE8760 is a containerised and turn key hydrogen based stand alone power system that includes and integrates all the components required to make a site locally independent for power, utilising renewable energy 24/7/365.   Hydrogen is created from excess generation of power and stored for use during low energy periods where it is then pushed through a fuel cell to provide power.

Stand Alone Power Components

  • Renewable Energy

  • RE8760 

    • Electrolyser

    • Reverse Osmosis

    • Compressor

    • Fuel Cell

    • Battery

    • Inverters

    • Logic Controller

  • Hydrogen Storage

Each of these components can be sized to the particular needs of the site, to create a localised microgrid that supports offgrid operations.